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Call to Convention

What is the 2020 Dem Party Reorganization and this "Call to Convention"?

Every four years, in a presidential year, the Democratic Party has the opportunity to reorganize the party from the precinct level up to the state level.  This is accomplished in a series of conventions that start by electing precinct captains.  


Kenton County Precinct Elections - POSTPONED INDEFINITELY

Registered Democrats from all 104 of Kenton County’s precincts will meet to select a man, a woman, and a young person (under 35) to represent each precinct.  If you want to be involved at any level of your Party, this is the place to start!  At this Precinct Convention, in addition to  the Precinct Elections, we will discuss the direction of the Party, introduce our candidates, and have some training on grassroots organizing.  
At a minimum, Precinct Officers have the duty of voting to elect the County Executive Committee, and may be called upon to help select a candidate in the event of a special election.  Beyond this, we ask that our Precinct Officers  work year-round to help in organizing their neighborhood, distributing literature, helping with yard signs, or any other Party work as they see fit.  This job can be as casual, or as demanding, as you want it to be. 

Kenton County Convention/Executive Committee Election -  POSTPONED INDEFINITELY

This is the meeting where each County’s leadership is elected and organized.  All Precinct Officers who were elected in March may nominate Democrats to the Executive Committee, and vote to select 10 women and 10 men to lead the County Party for the next 4 years.  NOTE: Anyone can be nominated for the Executive Committee, but only Precinct Officers may vote.  At this County Convention, we also nominate and elect our delegates to attend the State Convention.  These delegates will vote on leadership and issues related to the state Kentucky Democratic Party. 

Kenton County Delegate Selection Caucus - LIKELY POSTPONED

This meeting, which takes place shortly after the Primary, is where each County chooses its delegates who will go to the Legislative District Caucus to choose our members who will attend the Democratic National Committee (DNC) presidential selection convention in Milwaukee.  If you want to be a DNC delegate, or want to help choose DNC delegates, you need to attend this meeting.