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Candidate Questionnaire - Governor

Andy Beshear - Governor

1. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I am a fighter that gets real results. I have  taken on and won tough fights for the people of Kentucky.  I continue to fight special interests like the drug companies and bullies like Governor Matt Bevin when they hurt Kentucky families. As Attorney General, I not only protect the retirement of teachers and first responders, defend healthcare for families and get justice for victims of rape and sexual assault, I will always stand with them in their fight. I get things done, and I’ll be an effective governor because I'm a relentless fighter for Kentucky families.

2. What will you do about the rising cost of healthcare?

Health care is a basic human right. All Kentuckians, no matter where they live or how much they earn, deserve access to affordable health care. I’m currently fighting against a federal court ruling which would eliminate mandatory coverage for pre-existing conditions and could eliminate health coverage for 1.3 million Kentuckians — costing Kentucky in both money and lives. Also, on my first day as governor, I will halt Governor Bevin’s effort to throw thousands of families off the Medicaid program.

I am also the only candidate in this primary with a standalone healthcare plan.

3. How are you going to bring Kentucky into the future?

We must prepare our workforce for the 21st century in jobs well-suited for Kentucky in fields like agritech, automation, data analytics and healthcare; we can build an economy and workforce for the future. In a global economy, it’s vitally important that skills training continue after high school. As governor, I’ll promote apprenticeship training and work to ensure that Kentuckians can afford community college, technical school or college. In order to attract businesses to our state, we need an educated and highly-trained workforce.

4. How do you plan on addressing income inequality in Kentucky?

Under Matt Bevin, Kentucky is near the bottom in the nation for job and wage growth. I will work every day to bring good-paying jobs that enable our hardworking men and women to raise their families. My vision for growing our economy doesn’t depend on massive give-aways for wealthy out-of-state CEOs like we’ve seen from Matt Bevin. We should be investing in our workforce and focusing on the areas in which Kentucky is uniquely positioned to lead, like agritech, automation, data analytics and healthcare.

5. What are your goals if elected?

I believe in a big, bright future for Kentucky. But right now, so many of our Kentucky families are struggling. Wages seem to never go up, while bills rise year after year. It’s getting harder and harder for people just to get by – much less send their kids to college, save for retirement, or set aside some dollars for emergencies. All of us face rising medical bills and far too many Kentuckians are worried about whether protections for things like preexisting conditions are going remain in place or if insurance companies will be allowed to charge women and seniors even more.

And what we’re getting out of Frankfort right now is no leadership and no solutions. Instead, the current governor is giving massive tax subsidies to out-of-state CEOs, trying to slash teacher and public servant pensions and doing everything he can to rip access to healthcare from thousands of Kentucky families.

That’s not right and those aren’t our Kentucky values.

Jacqueline and I are running to protect access to affordable health care, ensure pensions are there for our workers who did everything right and deserve a secure retirement, strengthen our public schools and build an economy that helps our local businesses flourish and workers get ahead.

Michael Bowman - State Treasurer

 1.  What sets you apart from the other candidates? 

My experience. I worked within local government in Louisville for nearly 8 years, as a Legislative Assistant to the Louisville Metro Council, where my principle responsibilities included managing a office that supported thousands of constituents, research, policy, and oversight of the executive branch, and development of a nearly $1 billion annual budget. After my time at the Council, I became a Bank Officer and Branch Manager for one of the largest banks in the country where I manage a multi-million dollar portfolio of deposit and investment accounts. Also, I have been involved in my community for decades by being engaged in the civic process and volunteering my time for community events. All of those experiences will allow me to not only serve on day one, but be effective. 

2.  How are you going to bring Kentucky into the future?

 Modernize and update the Treasury to be more proactive in the community and truly bring the services to the people. I don't intend to be a Treasurer that sits in an office in Frankfort, I plan to be engaged in each and every community across the Commonwealth and bring ideas back to the Capital directly from the people. Additionally, ensuring that we are being a strong advocate for the people of Kentucky by using the platform of the office to support economic policies that will benefit every Kentuckian from Pikeville to Paducah. 

3.  What are your goals if elected? 

First, bring back accountability, transparency, and trust to the executive branch of state government. The Treasurer has always been intended to be the stop-gap between your tax dollars and a potentially reckless Governor who can protect your tax dollars from abuse. Second, create a partnership between that other constitutional offices to bring back the checks and balances needed for government to work effectively. Third, develop a plan that drives the programs of the Treasury into our local communities, being proactive in educating Kentuckians on the services the office provides and how they can access them. 


4.  How do you plan on addressing income inequality in Kentucky?

The Treasurer cannot legislate, but I can certainly- and will- advocate for strong economic and fiscal policies that can move Kentucky's economy in a direction that can serve everyone whether your from the coal-fields of Pike County or the west end of Louisville. For example, the expansion of revenue bases that do not raise taxes should be investigated, such as medical/recreational marijuana and expanded gambling, which could open new revenue streams to address education and other critical funding issues that would support expanding our economy and the income inequality perpetuated by the current system. 

Candidate Questionnaire

Robert Conway - Agriculture Commissioner

  1. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I believe that my business expertise, coupled with my background in farming are the two areas that separate me from the other candidates. We often forget how important the Department of Agriculture is to this state and that it is a business, first and foremost, with over two hundred employees and a 50 million dollar budget that must be managed. I have been a Regional Director at General Electric. I have handled budgets in access of 65 million dollars and I have been responsible for managing 2,000 employees. My Democratic challenger has never been in charge of an operation that large. I have more experience farming than the incumbent, a lawyer who has never had a client.


2. How are you going to bring Kentucky into the future?

I, like all of the other candidates, is a staunch advocate for hemp and all of the possibilities that it could bring the struggling farmers in Kentucky. Unlike my opponents, however, I wouldn't simply stop with hemp. I am a proponent of the cultivation and sale of medicinal marijuana across the state. It would be lucrative for Kentucky's family farmers and it would ease the suffering of thousands of citizens suffering from debilitating illnesses like cancer. I also propose completely revitalizing our state's agricultural education programs and promoting farming to a new generation of Kentuckians. Its time that we look to green alternatives for our state as well, such as solar energy and hydroponic farming. 

3. What are your goals if elected?

My goals, if elected, are to incorporate many of the ideas that I have mentioned relating to the future into action. I also want to save the small family farms across this state. They are being developed at record rates because our farmers are unable to survive the current agricultural and economic climates. Our incumbent is a career politician, with greater political aspirations, and he has left many of the people that need him the most behind. I pledge to help save our farms and help our farmers. 

4. How do you plan on addressing income inequality in Kentucky?

Income inequality in the agricultural sector is one of the reasons that we are losing so many farmers to other industries. I will promote things beyond tobacco and soy beans that will have a positive impact on the state's economy. I will make farming more appealing as a vocational opportunity for our youth.

Attorney General - Greg Stumbo

 1.  What sets you apart from other candidates?

Experience. Being a former Attorney General, I know the office and its workings. No need for on-the-job training. I have the experience prosecuting criminal and civil cases, particularly large, complex cases like those pending against the opioid industry.

2.  How are you going to bring Kentucky into the future?

While the office of Attorney General doesn’t have policy making powers, I will work closely with the General Assembly on legislation protecting Kentucky’s citizens. Technology has presented many opportunities for criminals, from online child predators to identity theft and scams targeting seniors. As when I was Attorney General before, we will focus on combatting cyber crime and educating the public of its dangers.

3.  What are your goals if elected?

The Attorney General has a variety of functions. From protecting our most vulnerable citizens (seniors, children,) to prosecuting criminals, to rate intervention. I intend to be aggressive in every area that falls under the auspices of the office, especially in pursuing those complicit for the drug epidemic that plagues our state.

4.  How do you plan on addressing income inequality in Kentucky?

That requires policy decisions to be made by the General Assembly. But part of the charge of the AG’s office is to protect citizens, particularly lower income and elderly, through things like the consumer protection act and price gouging legislation (which I helped author when I was Attorney General previously) and other authority.