Candidate for State Senate District 17 - Jason Stroude

Jason Stroude - State Senate District 17

Jason was born in Knoxville and moved to Grant County in 1986 where his family has lived for generations. 

After graduating from Grant County High School in 1998, he went on to attend Morehead State University as a Music Education Major. Like many students across Kentucky and the country, he found himself in the age-old balancing act of working to pay tuition and taking care of himself while also trying to attain the education he desired. However, five years of trying to balance work and school, going to school while cutting back on work, and taking a break from school while focusing on work took its toll, he left Morehead in 2003.

As a blue collar worker, he knows the highs and lows of the life the majority of Kentuckians live. Before attaining his current position, he worked as a network tech, banker, tow dispatcher, and even third shift gas station attendant. However, he has been a proud union member and butcher for 12 years, now. 

His union brothers and sisters are not only some of his best friends, they’re his second family. They are made up of strong, hard-working folks from all walks of life, political parties, genders, skin colors, faiths, and relationships at home. They may have differing viewpoints and argue over them like any family does, but in the end, they respect and support each other. Also, like any family does. 

Jason is what most would call a “people person.” He has spent most of his life in this community, and he loves his hometown. This campaign is about all of us. It is about representation in Frankfort for all of us, as opposed to the few who have been receiving it. He would be humbled and honored to have your support and vote.

He promises to work hard every day to make you #StroudeProud




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Union Workers go to Frankfort!

Jason and his union brothers and sisters go to Frankfort to fight for us and good jobs!

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