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Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets on either the 2nd Wednesday or the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Check the Calendar for exact dates and times.  Meetings are open to the public.  If you would be interested in serving on the Executive Committee, please call 859-982-9467 to speak with Tom Elfers or email kentondems@gmail.com.


Tom Elfers, Edgewood; Chair

Natalie MacDonald; Erlanger, Vice Chair

Paul Farmwald; Covington, Treasurer

Rachael Drake; Covington, Secretary & NKY Young Dems Secretary

Faith Kemper; Website Manager 

Elicia Elfers, Covington; NKY Young Dems President

Virginia Johnson, Wilder; Women's Club President

Frank Baird, Independence

Angela Crout, Covington

Ann Dickerson; Independence 

June Dineen, Crestview Hills

Chuck Gordon, Covington

Alexis Gregorcyk, Edgewood

Merrick Krey, Erlanger

Sarah Lowe, Covington

Crystal Madaris, Ft. Mtichell

Col Owens, Ft. Mitchell

Matt Reinhart, Independence

Rep. Buddy Wheatley, Covington, 65th District


Tom Elfers, Chair; Edgewood


Natalie MacDonald, Vice Chair


Paul Farmwald, Treasurer


Elicia Elfers, NKY Young Dems President


Chuck Gordon, Covington


Rachael Drake, Secretary


Faith Kemper, Website Manager


Crystal Madaris


Ann Dickerson


Angela Crout Erlanger


Merrick Krey, Erlanger


June Dineen, Crestview Hills


Virginia Johnson, Wilder; Women's Club President


Virginia pictured on the far right.  

Her politics are on the far left.

No information


Frank Baird


Matt Reinhart, Independence


Col Owens, Ft. Mitchell


Rep. Buddy Wheatley, 65th District


Alex Gregorcyk, Edgewood


Sarah Lowe


No information


Acena Beck, Attorney of Counsel


Why Am I a Democrat?


Rachael Drake

I'm a Democrat because I believe everyone deserves a fair shot at the American dream. I believe that we are land of immigrants and no matter where or when you came you deserve the protections of our Constitution. And most importantly, as a woman I believe in equality, the right to choose, and continuing the fight for affordable healthcare

Frank Baird

I am a democrat for several reasons. First being the fact that the Democratic Party is generally on the same side as science. It is paramount for our species’ evolution that we keep investing and supporting science because it ultimately holds the key for our survival. Second, the Democrats (liberals) have fought since the inception of our country to expand liberty and personal freedom to all, from the revolution, the labor movement in the early 1900s,  the civil rights movement in the 1960s and 70s, to finally allowing gay people to marry in this past decade. Liberals have always been on the right side of history, and I believe this trend has and will continue. Finally, the Democrats simply have more ideas than the conservative opposition. The conservatives fight for the status quo, they fight for nostalgia of the days in which Americans had less freedom. This is opposed to the Democrats in that we have a broad range of ideas, from UBI, to Medicare for all, to CRJ reform. We are the party of change. 

June Dineen

I’m a lifelong Democrat, first because my parents were Democrats then because I recognized that government is meant to serve ALL of the people.

Elicia Elfers

I'm a Democrat because it's in my blood.  But more importantly, I'm a proud Kentucky Democrat because the Democratic Party continues to fight for what's right for the people!  The issues that are most important to me - environmental justice, gender equality, gun reform and student loan debt forgiveness - are at the forefront of the Democratic Platform.  Looking back through history, Democrats were responsible for the most progressive programs, initiatives and institutions that have helped to build the country we have today.  These include:  women's suffrage, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, public education, marriage equality, Peace Corps, the Space Program, social security, medicare/medicaid, public education, HUDD, FDIC and the list goes on and on...

So I think the better question is "why aren't you a democrat?"