Kenton County Democratic Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets on either the 2nd Wednesday or the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Check the Calendar for exact dates and times.  Meetings are open to the public.  If you would be interested in serving on the Executive Committee, please call 859-982-9467 to speak with Tom Elfers or email


 Tom Elfers, Edgewood; Chair

 Natalie MacDonald; Vice Chair 
 Terry Poindexter, Covington; Treasurer 
 Elicia Elfers, Secretary, Covington Acena Beck, Attorney of Counsel 
 Faith Kemper, Website Manager
 Crystal Madaris
 Virginia Johnson,Wilder; Women's Club President 

 Angela Crout-Mitchell, Erlanger; Blogger
 Merrick Krey, Erlanger 
 Col Owens, Ft. Mitchell

 June Dineen, Crestview Hills; Assistant Office Manager
 Rep. Buddy Wheatley, 65th District

​ Josh Tunning, NKY Young Dems President

​ Alexis Gregorcyk, Edgewood 

 Chuck Gordon

​ Matt Reinhart, Independence

​ Daniel Langmeyer, Covington

 Angie Ferguson 

 Paul Farmwald, Covin

Tom Elfers, Chair; Edgewood

Natalie MacDonald, Vice Chair

Terry Poindexter, Treasurer; Covington

Elicia Elfers, Secretary; Covington

Chuck Gordon, Covington

Angie Ferguson

Faith Kemper, Website

Crystal Madaris

Angela Crout-Mitchell, Erlanger

Merrick Krey, Erlanger

June Dineen, Crestview Hills

Virginia Johnson, Wilder; Women's Club President

Virginia pictured on the far right.  

Her politics are on the far left.

Daniel Langmeyer, Covington

Matt Reinhart, Independence

Col Owens, Ft. Mitchell

Rep. Buddy Wheatley, 65th District

Alex Gregorcyk, Edgewood

Josh Tunning, NKY Young Democrats President

Paul Farmwald

Acena Beck, Attorney of Counsel