Candidate for U.S. House Kentucky Congressional District 4

Shannon Fabert

1,  What sets you apart from the  other candidate?

Activism is a part of my family history.  As a child, I heard stories of the Civil Rights movement and how my family from a small town in the south helped integrate schools.  I intend to carry on that legacy of activism in Washington.  I have staked my career on creating innovative solutions for companies that satisfy the needs of all stakeholders from the front lines to the executive suite.  Furthermore, I believe the detail and depth of my platform speaks to the kind of representative I will be for Kentucky's 4th Congressional District.

2.  What will you do to ensure  that all Kentuckians have quality and affordable health care?

I support a public healthcare option.  I also believe that health care insurers should be made to act ethically and focus on policy holders not profit.  Most importantly, as we have seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is as important as ever that health care not be tied to employment.

3.  How are you going to bring Kentucky into the future?

As previously stated, all Kentuckians should have affordable healthcare regardless of employment. Kentucky public schools need to be fully funded and equipped with 21st century technology. All children deserve a high quality public education. In order to rebuild the economy, we need to invest in 21st century infrastructure.  This includes actionable plans on renewable energy, clean water, and broadband internet in every home. 

4.  How do you plan on addressing income inequality in Kentucky?

The federal minimum wage must be increased immediately to $15 / hour. Kentucky needs training and good jobs to replace dying industries. Elected officials should embrace our labor unions in making sure that workers are given pay and benefits that can support families.  Good jobs only come with good training and good schools.

5.  What are your goals if elected?

  • Create a public option for healthcare
  • Fully fund our public  schools and provide them 21st century tools
  • Rebuild our economy with 21st century infrastructure
  • Protect the working  families of Kentucky, not Wall Street