Candidate for U.S.House District 4

U.S. House District 4 - Alexandra Owensby

Before 2019, Alexandra wasn't involved politics. All she knew was she was not adequately represented in Washington. As a single mother of two, she had struggled to support her little family. When her marriage ended, she had a BA degree she had never used. She needed a different path to support her family, so she put herself back through school with a second Bachelor's degree in the field of Nursing. She became an RN in the Neuro/Trauma ICU as a bedside Nurse, and while she loved this job, it paid very little.

She found herself relying on public assistance to get by. Her children qualified for Medicaid, which was hands-down the best insurance they had ever had. It was the type of insurance every family in America deserves.

Her pride would not allow her small family to rely on public assistance forever, so she went to school and earned a Master's and eventually a Doctorate in the field of Nursing. She became a Nurse Practitioner in the field of Neurology at University of Cincinnati. But the costs of getting there were high in the form of student loans. She was afraid it would be impossible to ever become financially secure.

Her journey through the depths of poverty and rising from poverty to struggling middle class inspired her to get involved in politics. This couldn't be the "American Dream" our Founding Fathers had in mind! Working and middle class citizens need to have a voice in Washington. Until the balance of representation mirrors the financial and gender balance of the average population, Congress and the Senate have little chance of looking out for the interest of the average citizen. 

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Alexandra Owensby on the State of Kentucky

Forward Kentucky Interview -  the segment with Alexandra Owensby starts at approx. 17:30.