Candidate for U.S. House District 4

U.S. House District 4 - Shannon Fabert

 Shannon Fabert is the daughter of a Filipino immigrant and a black American. Born in San Francisco she moved throughout the south with her family until they settled in Memphis. The oldest of four children, she watched her parents struggle to give them the best life they could, especially in their education. Shannon Graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2001 and quickly began a career in operations management at FedEx. Shannon is now a business consultant focusing on the continuous improvement of her clients operations.  Shannon and her husband Greg moved to Boone County in 2009, where they live with their dog Hines. Shannon decided to run for congress because she has staked her career on consensus building and servant leadership. She believes that is what we need in the House of Representatives, as well as someone who will stand up for Kentuckians and not just the 1%. Shannon's primary policy goals are increasing public education funding, rebuilding the economy for the 21st century, and creating a public option for healthcare. 



Shannon Fabert on the State of Kentucky

Forward Kentucky interview - Shannon Fabert is interviewed - opening segment.