Kenton Co. Volunteer Canvass & Phone Banking

Be a part of KY history!

NKY Democratic Headquarters

36 W Pike Street

Covington, KY 41011


Are you ready to phone bank?  Do some canvassing for the Coordinated Campaign?  If so, here's the scoop:

If phone banking is your thing, well, have we got opportunities for you!  Just take a look at this link and sign up for one (1) or more shifts!  

And if you'd rather get out, enjoy the sunshine while meeting people and knocking doors, well, we've got that for you, too!  Just take a look at the opportunities awaiting you!  

Come on out!  We need your help!  All of our candidates in the Coordinated Campaign thank you for all your help and effort!

Andy Beshear / Jacqueline Coleman - Governor / Lt. Governor

Gregory Stumbo - Attorney General

Secretary of State - Heather French Henry

State Treasurer - Michael Bowman

State Auditor - Sheri Donahue

Agriculture Commissioner - Robert Haley Conway

All profiles are on our candidates are here: 

There are lots of ways you can help!

Kenton County Democratic Party Needs You!


Event Planning - We need volunteers to work together in organizing and planning community events and fundraisers in April, May, July, September and October this year. If you are great at throwing parties and organizing events, this could be the job for you!

HQ Office Staff - Our NKY Democratic HQ is open every Wednesday and Saturday. We need people to be here to cover the office, and do other things like making phone calls, writing letters, or doing basic housekeeping.  This is a very important task, and an easy way to help your Party.

Creative/Visual marketing - Hundreds of people walk past our HQ front windows every day.  We are looking for a couple of people with some creativity and artistic talent, to take ownership of decorating the windows and highlighting important information at the same time.  This is a job that could be done at any time, so it could be perfect for a volunteer who can't be at HQ during regular hours.

City Government monitor/research - Kenton County has 19 cities, 5 school boards, and a fiscal court.  We would like to have volunteers who are willing and able to either attend or watch these meetings on TV, take notes and report back to our Executive Committee each month.  If you are already active in your locality, or need a reason to get more involved, this could be an easy and productive way to do so!

Fundraiser - As part of our financial plan for 2019, we are trying to improve our engagement with small, monthly donors.  We need a few people who can help with reaching out to a defined list of potential donors, with phone calls, mailers and emails.

Campaign management/strategy - If you've ever wanted to learn more about how to run a local campaign, contact us and take part in our 2019 campaign strategy class!  We'll be discussing voter ID, targeting, candidate development, and other important topics.  

Candidate - Yes, we need you to run for office!  In 2020, there will be more than 100 local offices up for election. If you've ever even entertained the thought that you might want to serve on a school board or city council, please contact us and let us show you how the process works.  We need more dedicated, progressive office-holders at all levels.

Interested in any of these?  Contact us here.