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YouTube to Kenton County Clerk's Office on requesting and voting absentee ballot

Kentucky Primary Election Information

Kentucky's Primary Election has been moved to June 23rd.  Kentuckians are asked to vote by mail. Here's what you need to do make your voice heard.


If you are not registered, you have until May 26th to register to vote in the Primary. TO REGISTER TO VOTE: 

The Online Absentee Request Portal is now available:  

Additional information:

1. If a voter changed their party affiliation after 12/31/2019, they aren’t eligible for a primary ballot.  The State Board of Elections is sending a letter to all voters who changed their party affiliation after the deadline. To check your party affiliation please use this link:

2. June 8-June 22 In-person absentee voting will be available by appointment only for voters who need the ADA voting machine or are unable to receive a ballot by mail. A voter will need to call the voter office for further information.  

3.  There will be only ONE polling location available on Election Day.  The Northern Kentucky Convention Center will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for in-person voting.  There will be free parking available across the street at the County Parking Garage at 220 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY.  

How to Vote Your Absentee Ballot

Instructions on how to Vote a Mail-in Absentee Ballot

Listed below are steps to completing your ballot and mailing it in. More detailed instructions from the County Clerk on how to vote an absentee mail-in ballot are also included with your ballot. Please read them carefully and thoroughly. All steps must be completed or your ballot will be rejected. 

1. Complete the absentee ballot. 

2. When you have finished marking the ballot, place the voted ballot in the inner (yellow) envelope. DO NOT DETACH THE FLAP on the inner envelope. If this flap is detached, your ballot will not be counted.


3. SIGN and SEAL the inner envelope. Place this envelope in the outer (white) envelope. SIGN and SEAL the outer envelope once the ballot is placed inside.


Instructions on how to vote absentee ballot - Those that come with your ballot and simplified.

Covid-19 Daily with Gov. Andy Beshear 5:00 pm

 #TogetherKy #TeamKentucky #HealthyatHome #HealthyatWork for all KY related information

Gov. Andy Beshear gives a daily update at 5pm on the status of the situation of Covid-19 in Kentucky.  There are several ways in which to view:

  • Facebook Live
  • KET
  • Gov. Andy Beshear YouTube channel
  • Your local channels sometimes carry it
  • Facebook Watch app downloaded to your smart TV
  • Twitter

and you may have found other ways yourself.

These are recorded and you can always go back and watch them at 


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